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SGK Contracting:
Providing Baltimore City
Exceptional Roofing Expertise

At SGK Contracting, we have been proudly serving Baltimore, Maryland for over 20 years as a leading commercial roofing contractor. Our team is made up of experienced and dedicated professionals who are passionate about providing top-quality roofing services to our valued clients.We understand that as property managers in Baltimore City, you have a lot on your plate. That's why our goal is to make the roofing process as smooth and stress-free as possible for you. We take pride in our ability to provide fast and effective solutions to any roofing issues you may be facing. From large commercial buildings to small businesses, we have the expertise and experience to handle all types of roofing projects. Our commitment to using high-quality materials and implementing innovative techniques sets us apart from other contractors in the area.At SGK Contracting, we are not just another commercial roofing company – we are your partners in protecting your property from the elements. Trust us to keep your roofs strong and leak-free for years to come. Contact us today for all your commercial roofing needs in Baltimore City!

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